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Love her or hate her

Love her or hate her?

Her being Meghan Markle

Seems like the world is divided by the great debate right now.

Some saying she is a liar and seeking attention by “playing” the suicide and racism cards and others feeling sorry for her and Harry.

Reality is regardless of what you think of her imagine how any of your friends who might be feeling suicidal right at this very moment feel when you post up how much you think she is just grabbing for attention by saying that’s how she felt?!

It’s no wonder we have such a high suicide rate! No one wants to admit that’s how they are feeling when people are still saying stuff like that so they don’t seek help, they don’t talk about it they just suffer in silence until it gets too much and follow through with it.

And that is all kinds of fucked up!

I know this because I have been through it for my whole life, I’ve been in and out of depression, struggled with anxiety and suicidal thoughts. I will speak about it openly but still find it extremely hard to admit to anyone when I’m actually in a downward spiral and can’t stop thinking about suicide so instead I put a smile on my face and keep on going with my life all the while battling those dark thoughts because I dare not verbalise for fear that someone would see me as seeking attention, as weak, as unstable, as too dark, too heavy and too uncomfortable to be around.

Just because someone is smiling absolutely does not mean they are happy.

Just because someone is still going to work or functioning a normal life does not mean they are not suffering intense depression.

Just because someone maintains social appearances does not mean they are living the dream life.

I don’t say anything when I’m in that state because regardless of how ok I am to talk about it I am still not strong enough in those moments to deal with the eye roll or the look of what ever, the comments of "Oh but you have a great life". That just makes it worse.

So while you all pat yourselves on the back when you share some broad statement about how you are here for anyone who is feeling down, but then make these statements about how she is an attention grabbing bitch because she said she is suicidal think how that lands for anyone who actually is, anyone who is suffering from mental health issues.

Think about how it really lands.

Like a knife through the last bit of hope they were clinging onto that someone might understand and give a shit about what they are going through.

Oh and by the way I am not posting this for any sympathy, I don’t want messages of 'I am here for you', I sincerely just want you to think about how someone feels when you post such negative things about someone else feeling suicidal….


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