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The beast got them

Suicide - Depression Kate Spade - Anthony Bourdain Two brilliant creative minds who felt they had no place on this earth any longer. Two passionate people who were the masters of their craft. The beast got them. Depression won the battle they had probably been fighting their whole lives. Maybe even part of the reason they were so successful at what they did. Why is it that they finally gave in when most would say they were at the top of their game.... they were considered very successful..... they were looked up to. We need to stop just talking about depression and suicide and start taking action against it. The ways I take action against my depression are: - to eat clean, if we don’t fuel our bodies and brain with clean fuel they will never be optimal. If you eat crap food your only loading your system with toxins. - to do yoga at least once a week. We need to allow our body and soul to connect in this fast paced crazy world. - to practice earthing or grounding - I try for daily. To connect with the energetic frequency of the earth is very healing. - to not imbibe - drugs and alcohol fuel depression. - to work out, it’s proven that working out increases endorphins, our feel good hormones. - to keep a realistic outlook on life and not get drawn into fantasy and thinking life should be easy and fun all the time. It will be tough and you will have hard times but it’s not the end of the road it’s just a bump or a rough patch that will pass. - to spend time with my husband, fur babies, friends and family. - to have quality conversations about meaningful things. Own your decisions, your lifestyle. Be aware of the people you spend the most time with.... are they adding to your life or taking away from it? Do they bring you up or down? Do they encourage you to be the best version of yourself or make you someone you don’t like? Honour yourself. Honour this life you were given. Honour dreams and passions. Honour those you love. Honour the humanity in all of us.

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